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Our Story

The Midnight Baker was born from my love of baking treats late at night. A desire to enjoy food in its most natural, nutritious form, without having to worry about about one’s allergies.

Having struggled with eczema for years, I was tired of addressing only the symptoms and not the root cause. I decided to make changes to my diet and lifestyle, with the aim of healing from the inside out. I gave up gluten, dairy, and alcohol and began researching better ways to prepare, preserve and cook food - especially bread, which I was determined to keep in my life.

After much research and experimentation, The Midnight Baker and our signature gluten free Freedom Loaf was born. My customer base soon grew from friends and family to communities across the country. It quickly went from a one-woman late-night side-project to a small team with its very own bakery and cafe.

Our aim is to provide healthy and delicious food and, in the process, engage in the wider conversation around what we're eating and how this affects our physical and mental wellbeing.

If you're one of our loyal customers, thank you. If you're yet to try us out, we hope we get to share our creations with you soon. 

Yeshe Dawa